Joseph Klibansky-Queen Beatrix -Digtital mixed media-110x 80

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Joseph Klibansky (NL- 1984)

Lives and works in Amsterdam


Joseph Klibansky was born in Cape Town, 8 June 1984, in an international, creative environment.

His father is South African, and his mother is Dutch...As a young child Joseph moved with his family to the Netherlands.

His main sources of inspiration are fashion, interior design, cities, ultramodern architecture, magazines and travel all over the world.

The young Dutch artist Joseph Klibansky applies various techniques in the creation of his works of art. In contrast to traditional artists using only painting or photography as a medium, he uses every visual means at his disposal to realise his design: digital mixed media, enriched with paint. He creates a fusion of photographic images, graphic- and computer art, paint and stencils.